IP MESH Network is a kind of Mobile Ad hoc Networking (MANET). A MANET system is a group of mobile (or temporarily stationary) IP-based device which need to provide the ability to stream voice, data, and video between pairs of devices utilizing the others as relays to avoid the need for infrastructure.

Here, the IP-based device is the COFDM IP MESH from SFGT, which composes up to 32pcs COFDM IP MESH nodes to form a flexible, stable and secure wireless IP-based radio network for video data voice transmitting, repeating, and receiving in the most difficult environments, such as emergency situations, tunnels, oil rigs, battlefield surveillance, high-speed mobile-video applications on board public transport, real-time racing-car telemetry, or self-organizing Internet access for communities. SFGT’S Mesh technology provides Multiple Input/Multiple Output (MIMO) capable of double data throughput channel.

There are many typical tech features of SFGT’s COFDM IP MESH in order to provide robust MANET capability, including the following:

Self-forming & Self-healing

The COFDM IP MESH MANET keeps adjusting itself when node working in moving condition, to select the best route for range extension and signal communication between each mesh node. When one of the node stops working, the rest of the nodes can communicate with each other directly or through one or more intermediate nodes.

Transparent IP channel

Transparent IP channel means that any number of standard computer, IP video camera or other devices may be connected to each of the mobile radios and communicate through the mesh network. It’s the standard Ethernet transmission network channel.


These are optional to integrated inside the SFGT’s IP MESH in order to external to connect wifi /bluetooth devices, and location monitoring of each node.

Software defined

It is a very smart and highlight feature of the SFGT’s IP MESH radio.